PICBEE2 - Worlds Easiest Interface to the XBEE
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New products, new solutions and new interfaces for 2011!  The original PICBEE has been redsigned to fit in a wall mounted plastic enclosure or use an integrated 2AA battery backpack.  A lower power PIC micro controller is implemented in order to get a longer life from the battery source.  Now a serial interface can be implemented in either TTL or RS232 interface standards.  The same acclaimed ASCII command interface is used with additional commands for the new features of an integrated temperature sensor and infrared interface.  Beyond the traditional XBEE interface, is a stand alone controller called MicroBoards and relay controllers.  Each product family can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  Need something a little different?  We can provide a custom firmware or interface to fit your requirements.  Email us at "sales @ pic-bee.com" for more information.

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   Introducing the newly designed  PIC-BEE II replacing the original PIC-BEE.